The Artistry of Wildlife

Kudu Pedestal Mount Taxidermy

True Cape Kudu? Maybe some Ph's will chime in and even tell me I'm dead wrong. Over my 50 years of mounting thousands of kudu I have seen a deterioration of the Cape Kudu. Tho yes, many kudu are harvested in the cape area, truly I don't believe many are Cape Kudu as I knew them 30-40 years ago. With Ranching and Fencing and moving wildlife around the true cape kudu to me "IS" hard to find. To me this "IS" the old Cape Kudu I used to know, was taken in the east cape last year or so. Smaller in body size, Only 3/4 the body size of Greater Kudu Deep and they have a rich brown color to the neck and body, longer hair even during summer months and smaller bases to the horns. Defiantly not the gray ghost greater kudu. Darker facial features overall and slightly large ears. More like he's dressed up in a tuxedo.

Kudu Pedestal Mount Taxidermy
The Artistry of Wildlife, Aug 21, 2019

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