Kudu, Blesbok, and Record Book Grey Duiker Hunting in South Africa

Kudu, Blesbok, and Record Book Grey Duiker Hunting - "The Bond" by Keith Warren In this second episode of the 4-part series The High Road: Africa, Keith Warren and his son Kolton continue their adventure in the Stromberg mountains of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. On this hunt, Keith stalks Kudu and what may be a world record Grey Duiker. But the real surprise comes when Keith hands his Savage Rifle to his son and field producer, Kolton, to fulfill a life-long dream of hunting the majestic landscape of Africa for the first time. Keith and Kolton are guided by Bruce Niland of Huntershill Safaris, whose 35 years of experience will greatly aid in Kolton’s first ever spot and stalk of a Blesbok in the rugged, challenging terrain of Africa

HUNTERSHILL safaris, Jul 12, 2019

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    Jul 12, 2019
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