Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06 Shotgun

Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06 Shotgun

Got me a new toy! Doesn’t appear to have ever been fired.

Took it out for a preserve pheasant hunt. Shotgun works well (once I get use to the safety location!) My old eyes don’t focus well enough to use the open sights for the 30-06. Looking for a mount to use one of my Burris Fastfire sights.
Luckily I don’t need sights for shotgunning. It fits/aligns well enough. A couple of my shotguns don’t even have a bead...not sure why they even put a bead on a shotgun.

I’m thinking this might work well with light 30-06 loads for night critters in Africa.
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