Von Gruff

Knife Making Process

I had been thinking of a better way of cutting out my blades rather than the cutting disc n the angle grinder and by better I mean cleaner with much less grinder and steel dust needing breathing masks etc when working it. A few of the guys on the US based forums are using portabands (portable bandsaws) fixed in a home made frame and had a look at them today but they seemed a bit light so bought a conventional bandsaw that is able to be used upright the way we need for cutting out blades and with the removal of the work rest (just 3 screws) it returns the conventional set-up Great value from top-mac (our harbour freight)for US$345 . A simple assembly although nimble fingers would help for a couple of the small bolts placements

Knife Making Process
Von Gruff, Mar 26, 2019

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