Knife Making Process
Von Gruff

Knife Making Process

With the clamp removed it is now time to fit the handle scales and as this knife is for a friend who wants to be surprised when he opens the package I cant show the actual wood I have chosen for him so have taped it for now and will leave it for him to show if he is inclined to do so in a few weeks. The first side is marked from the same profile as the rear of the bolsters and bandsawn to near shape and sanded into a fit. Because the scales are split from the same block I want the grain pattern to folllow from one side to the other so marke the second side from the first side a fraction proud and sand it in to fit.

From there the scale can be held in place and the rear hole drilled and with a tempory pin in place the other two holes can be drilled. After the second side is done the same it is time to epoxy and pin them into place and clamp them up for the night.
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