Kimber Caprivi 416 RM Rifle Weight.

Kimber Caprivi 416 RM Rifle Weight.

Finally received my Caprivi stock back from Edwards Recoil Reducer (thanks Kevin) and got the scope mounted and bore-sighted. Kevin at Edwards Recoil Reducer has a day job as a public health official, so you can guess how his 2020 has gone so far. Really nice guy.

I also had the bolt jeweled by the folks at the Custom Jewel Shop.

Rifle weighs in at 10lbs 8oz unloaded with scope and mounts installed. Exactly the same as my CZ 375 with the aramid stock. But the Caprivi has a 24" barrel, while my CZ 375 has the 25" barrel. The CZ feels a lot longer.

So my boresight for the Caprivi was the old school method (look down the barrel at a point 30 feet away) since my optical boresight kit doesn't have a 416 arbor. It was a bit off. So I chased zero around a bit but the last three shots were more than acceptable - right at 1" at 100 yards. Factory Winchester Safari 400 Partition ammo. I didn't chrony actual speed.

Recoil is stout but not unpleasant. Felt recoil was pretty similar to my CZ 375. Shot it off a bench 7x in a tee shirt - that was enough for the first outing. Fed and operated flawlessly. Action is very smooth. I plan to chase buff with this rifle next year. Very pleased thus far - now to get off the bench and start using those sticks!
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