Italian Is Wounded In Ethiopia

Italian Is Wounded In Ethiopia, May 26, 2020
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    • Foxi
      I would say : friendly fire :)
      The Italians killed so many people there with poison gas.
      Don't feel sorry for this guy.
    • Dinosaur

      G'day Foxi

      I haven't heard of the poison gas event, was it an accidental release, or an act of war ??

    • Foxi

      No accident.A war crime.
      Italian dictator Mussolini tried to conquer Ethiopia and his general Garciano(I think he was the Commander of the Italian troops there) poisoned 750.000 !!!! people in a short time.
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    • Dinosaur
      Foxi, that is terrible, it just proves that there are evil lunatics in every army, even the good guys do bad things, it's just that they are better at covering them up, and don't brag about it, thank you for sharing.


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    May 26, 2020
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