Ireland Fly Fishing

Not exactly a trophy pic, but the attached photo of my fishing trip to Ireland in 2014 is a personal favourite of mine, terrible trousers aside. It was taken on a tiny little lough, no more than 75m across in the hills above Lough Corrib. We walked 6 miles to it cross country on the word of our local guide on blind hope, it was so secluded it didn't even show on the map. I doubt anyone had fished it in years and for that matter I doubt anyone has been back since. The fish weren't monstrous, but they were hungry, and there's something strangely primal in casting a line over virgin water containing fish who've likely never encountered an angler before. I fished with dry flies, mostly mayfly patterns and a slightly bedraggled yellow daddy longleg monstrosity my friend had tied up the night before, and got about 15 dinky little trout and one better one of about 1 lb, who we cooked and ate there and then on the bank.

Ireland Fly Fishing
Alistair, Sep 9, 2019

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