India Hunting Leopard
Major Khan

India Hunting Leopard

Thank you so much for your kind words. I dispatched him on this February , upon authorization from the Maulvi Bazaar Forest Department . He was a man eater ( Well ... Technically a woman eater , because all of his adult victims were female ) , and I had the good fortune to fell him with a 1 ounce spherical lead ball fired from my “ Old Belgian “ ... Right between both the eyes .
Hello Major, that is surely a keepsake for a memory, congratulations on a successful, and safe hunt.

You have probably been asked this same question over and over again, "Was this Leopard a man eater due to an injury"? If not, do you think it is lack of prey, or due to a large leopard population forcing them to compete, or the usual human encroachment on predator situation?


Why thank you so much for your kind words . We found an air rifle pellet of .177 calibre inside his left eye . Some delinquent teen ager must have taken a shot at him , with an air rifle . In doing so ... He/She ended up unleashing a man eater upon the locals . In Bangladesh , we do not typically have any problems of human encroachment in to predator territories . It is much rather the opposite . There is an extremely large population of panthers in the North Eastern and South Eastern hills of Bangladesh . That is why ( Due to competition among panthers ) .... Several of these brutes often turn man eater and venture in to human territory.
Do you find that the leopards in the region actively hunt more during the daylight hours, as I am guessing that their high population means that they don't have many threats??

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