Incredible Lowveld lion-APNR, South Africa

Incredible Lowveld lion-APNR, South Africa

Direct quote from PH Jan Dumon of Shumba Safaris:

"Throwback Thursday. This magnificent Lowveld lion has a story behind the picture. The bait was close to a drying waterhole. The edge was sticky, dark clay mud. As luck would have it, after the shot, the lion ran towards the water's edge and there collapsed and in his death throws covered himself in the sticky mud. Walking up and admiring the incredible lion we just hunted, one couldn't help but notice that the mud didn't do the trophy any favours. He really didn't look good and it was actually a sin not to show respect to this animal, and do something about the situation. We took a few quick pics and drove him back to camp. There we got the garden hose and sprayed him down and washed the mud off. After drying him, he looked great! He's just an awesome lion."
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