Hunting South Africa
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Hunting South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: 2018 Limpopo Buffalo Hunt With Kemp African Safaris - The Proper Way To Hunt Buffalo

Dawie Kemp (upfront), you may like to know, was a pro-rugby player. If you know anything at all about rugby, and a little bit about South African rugby players, this says a lot about him. Superb athlete, team player, dedicated to win, self assured, yet truly modest and friendly.
After breaking his neck (yep, you read right, his neck!, and he has the operation scars to prove it) he had to let go of professional rugby, and he decided to continue in the hunting family tradition. His Dad is a PH, his Sister is a PH, his Brother in law is a PH, and the list goes on... He is a .416 Rem Mag fan, and he shoots it from a grand classic Winchester 70 CRF with iron sights. He got me to within 100 feet of a herd of buffs one time, and calmly waved them off when a cow became too inquisitive and came to nose us to 30 ft. "You have to leave yourself enough space to shoot if they decide to come" he said. yeah, 30 ft, I guess that's enough... LOL

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