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Hunting Luggage

Hunting Luggage
One Day..., Aug 22, 2019

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      Probably won't need the canteen
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      Looks like your ready to go hunting there Rob!
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      Hello @Rob404. I too did not use to bring a canteen. But I have changed my mind. One does not share a water container with anyone in Africa, PH included, period, and ever thinner 1 Pint / 17 Fluid Ounces / 500 milli-Liter water bottles provided by most outfitters tend to burst inside field packs when you use them as a shooting field rest. The typical US army canteen weighs next to nothing and is virtually indestructible...
      Admittedly it occupies space in the luggage, but I travel light enough that I have that space.
      Just my rationale for taking one :)
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    Nature & Wildlife Africa
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    One Day...
    Aug 22, 2019
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