Hunting in India

Hunting in India

Happy British client in the centre with magnum .375 made by John Rigby and Co hanging on his shoulder . Picure was taken in 1965 . Excellent gun . I am on the left wearing my hat with my Ishapore shot-gun slung on my back . My partner is on left side holding the .3006 rifle belonging to my client . It was a successful Shikar. Rigby guns are very reliable. This genleman went on half a dozen Shikars with us and his gun never let us down.
However , l have only ever heard good things about Blaser . German guns are very robust.
thank you for sharing this picture.
Nearby,in Germany we have 40% hater and 40% Blaser lovers,the rest is indifferent.
May l ask why there are haters ? Our Bangladesh police force Rapid Action Battalion has a few model R-93 rifles from Blaser in .308 calibre for sniper work in their inventory . They seem to like them . Of course , a rifle for shooting terrorists is not necessarily a good rifle for animals
Blaser with his innovations, with his success, many gunsmiths come into bondage.
To Blaser belongs now: SIG -Sauer,Mauser,John Rigby and maybe some more.
I ve only a K95 Stutzen (full stock) ,its wonderful.
The R 93 is no longer manufactured; my friends love it and the new R 8. The precision and the trigger is extra class and you can handle it complete safe !
The haters say, too much marketing, too much plastic, much too expensive. To much of all.
Success brings enemies and envious.
Suprised,that your police have the R 93
Probably your officers like a good hunting gun :)
Thank you for explaining . On the papers of Bangladesh Shooting Federation , the R-93 rifles came into our country for police use in 2008

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