Hunting in India
Major Khan

Hunting in India

My Old Pickup Truck .
My friend Ponton
That's is they way to hunt the journey is part of the adventure.
Not like today's with all the convenience.
G'day Major Khan

I love the old photos from out on the field, they are classics, thank you for sharing.

It's a pretty scary feeling driving over old weather beaten bridges, especially when you have to add missing slats , or other shrubbery to get across. You wouldn't want to have a charging beast coming at you during the event.

I regularly view the jeep/tourist videos in Corbitt National Park , and see the tigers playing with the jeeps.

What you don't see is all the tourist jeeps in front and behind your jeep, escaping being a real concern.:eek:

Good day , Rob .

It is my utmost privilege that you have enjoyed all of my reminiscences and articles so much . This jeep was actually the property of my good friend ... The ever talented , Riaz Sharrif .
He is driving it through the entrance of his family tea garden . The article is titled , " The Man Eater Of Maulvi Bazaar " and I should certainly hope that you enjoy the reminiscence . I narrate an incident from Riaz's book ( After translating it in to English ) .

Yours sincerely ,
Major Poton Khan ( Retired )

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