Hunting Cape Buffalo in Mozmbique

Hunting Cape Buffalo in Mozmbique

It takes many miles under the boot, tracking dark objects through beautiful scenery only to find that the bull is not of age, so we turn around. Retuning to camp we sip on our G&T as we watch the sun set and tell tales of our day. Then, another early morning start to search for new tracks in hope that it’s the bull we are looking for. The stalks, the sweat and the excitement all seems to be a blur when your iron sights finally align with the ton of beast just 30yards ahead. The 5 seconds of adrenaline from when you squeeze the first trigger till the dust settles, almost seems to feel like an eternity. It is then that we take 5 minutes to reflect and pay our respect to the the old bull. It gives us a whole new perspective as we remind ourselves that the life of this animal allows us to look after these pristine areas; from the anti poaching, to the research and to the social responsibilities in our neighboring rural communities. Hunting Pays For Conservation
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