Thunder head

Hunting Bobcat

After all the rain we had in the last 12-14 hours i figured the coyotes would have to be hungry. I hiked to the back side of our lease. Theres a swamp that dumps in to a big creek and a grown up field on the other side. I did not think about how much the creek might be up. It was up pretty high. I setup the decoy on the creek bank. I walked up on the ridge and sat down where i could cover a good portion of the creek bottom and the bank on the other side. I called at low volume for 2-3 minutes. I jacked the volume up and scanned the bottom. I barley caught a flash of what i thought was a yote crossing the creek on a fallen tree. It was about 150 yards away. I waited and waited. I was sarting to wonder what happened when i picked up some movment. I finaly realized it was a cat. I switched to the shotgun. The cat came in circeling down wind right into my lap. Actualy to close, the turkey load at 12 yards was not pelt friendly at all. You can see the tree it crossed in the pic.

Hunting Bobcat
Thunder head, Feb 7, 2011
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