Hunting belt
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Hunting belt

Here is my hunting belt (De Santis):

In addition to:
- a shell carrier (either a Rigby "Elasticated" for either .270 Win, .300 Wby, .375 H&H or 416 Rigby; or a Murray "6 pack" for .470 NE);
- a 4" Puma "Hunter's Pal" knife;
because I like to walk long and far, and stay for the last best 5 minutes of light, I often use on the way back to the truck:
- a mini Maglite upgraded with a LED bulb (100 lumens, 145 yards, 9 hours);
because I like pictures of landscapes and people (not just trophies), I always carry:
- the best compact camera money can buy (Sony RX 100 - full 1" sensor size, 20 MP, RAW format);
and because its uses are endless, and I now need glasses for anything up close, I always carry:
- a Victorinox Champion Swiss knife;
- a pair of folding reading glasses.

The belt is really light and unobtrusive once on, and I always have on me everything I may need regardless of whether I peel layers or not (this fixes the issue of things in pockets never on hand once the jacket is removed...). This has worked great for me for about 30 years, with the Mag-Lite being upgraded to LED, the camera being upgraded from film to digital, and the reading glasses being added a couple years ago (sigh....).
Nice! I too really like all leather accessories and handgun holsters. It’s heavier than nylon stuff, but it stays in place better on the belt.
Its probably all the important things required for a days hunt or a quick hunt.
I sometimes head off with just my rifle but this is all together and ready to go.

I would say its missing a Von Gruff knife but uhh so am i so im gonna see what happens . I might buy one yet.
I should have similar belt for quick hunts after work.

I should carry a camera just incase i get something but ive often got my phone i suppose.
You have me looking for a leather torch holster now, given I sometimes walk the creek after work a torch is important I have wondered in late, cartridge slide and others make sense just stop it on ad go.
@CBH Australia
Those headlamps that strap over a ball cap work well. We have to wear a fluorescent orange headgear while hunting big game, so I have one of those in my backpack when walking back or from camp in the dark. Works well and leaves your hands free.
I have used a head lamp for a quick walk after work. We need an orange cap on public land and I wear one in the neighbours walking the creek just in case , big areas but Others have access too.
I was telling @bruce moulds of this belt it seems like a simple solution for me as I have a Cartridge slide from a clearance bin that I wasn’t using but with spare belt, knives and stuff on hand I have a quick fix and incentive to get that Von Gruff knife.
And just more incentive to walk more anyway
@CoElkHunter I too have a powerful Petzl LED headlamp (and a few more things: spare batteries, water, IFAK, para cord, etc. etc.) in the "possible bag" but I want to have the basics ON ME, not in the pocket of the jacket or in the backpack that are typically left in the truck at the start of the quick look & see on the side of the trail, then 50 yards further, then 500 yards later, that turns into a 3 hours walk :)

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