Hunter Butcher Knife
Von Gruff

Hunter Butcher Knife

Have made up a pair of these and am pleased with how they feel in hand. The hunter butcher has a 4 1/2 inch 1095 blade with buffalo horn bolster and blackwood handle with a flaired butt end for greater directional controll, while the boner has a 4 inch 1095 blade and a simple losenge shaped blackwood handles as it will often be used from the bottom of the hand as often as it is from the top of the hande for boning out. They will both come in standard carry sheaths. Am gong to make a few sets and will see how they are recieved. I have "discovered" a new way of finishing the handles and now sit them in a tin of BLO for a few hours then wipe off rather than finger tip rubbing in multiple coats over many days. It was the way the old Enfield factory finished LE rifles stocks but they left them 24 hours so it will certainly be good and faster finish for the knife handles as well.
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