Hunt Water Buffalo in Argentina
Caza y Safaris Argentina

Hunt Water Buffalo in Argentina

Hi Toby , Thanks very much for your consult. We run this hunt in our Buenos Aires lodge, located about 3 hour´s drive from the international airport. Nowadays we´re promoting a package deal x 5 Days x 1 w.buffalo in us$ 4000,- . It includes : lodging accommodation, all meals and beverages, ground transportation, 1 w. Buffalo. This hunt can run all year long. When are you able to come? are you coming alone? other hunters / non hunters? let us know more to advise you in a proper way with our best possible prices. In the area many other game available like red stag, fallow deer, blackbuck, wild boar, etc. Best regards and Have Happy Holidays! Marisa
Hi Toby! we´re not doing DSC. We´ll be at SCI convention in Reno and the NRA´s in Harrisburg´s PA. I can send you many pictures and references to ask for. We´re having a stable buffalo population, we´ve been buffalo´s donors to several SCI Chapters for years. When you could come? what month? are you might be interested in other game ? A pleasure to send further information. Regards. Marisa
@Caza y Safaris Argentina
We're just in the planning stages at the moment. I'm thinking we may have a few people that want to go, so I'm sure Water buffalo, Stag, and some other game may be on the agenda.
Great , we can run all together in the same area. Let me know your email address to send you further information and pictures. Our email is
Our big game daily rate is us$ 500,-
Trophy fee of stag - us$ 3500,-
Buffalo trophy fee - us$ 3000,-
We can make you a 5-6 day package deal with a red stag and a buffalo all any size included in us$ 7000 + extras (license , gun rental, long distance transfer)
The question is: where you´re able to come? we´re very demanded on top of season (march - april) . April has a few opennings yet.
Let me know, Marisa

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