Hunt Cape Buffalo
Kevin Peacocke

Hunt Cape Buffalo

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Thanks Neil. I did write it up on another thread but cant remember the title. Anyway, this was a non-trophy hunt in the Save Valley Conservancy with Makore Safaris, PH Courtney Connear. My first buff, taken with a Ruger No1 375H&H, 300 grain A Square dead tough. Scope was a Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24i on 6 power because it was a 130m shot. The red dot is a real advantage. I hit a bit too far back so we had a followup to do, but all ended well. Cant wait to put this beautiful old chap up on the wall. Have also taken a zebra, warthog and impala with the Ruger, but trying to sell it to acquire a Verney Carron O/U in 375 Flanged, it is a real beaut, for me the ultimate pinnacle.
Kevin, we enjoyed a hunt in Limpopo this past year and my son, Kevin , as well, used my Ruger No.1 in 375 H&H too. Being a southpaw it worked great for him and was my backup rifle in case there were issues with mine, fortunately none occurred. But it's a good thing that firearms brought into South Africa had to leave South Africa or it never would have gotten back home. Also have one in 9.3 x 74R but that may be another trip. The hunting report is "Hunting in Make with Motsomi " if you're interested. Thanks for your reply.


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