Hornady DGX Bullet Performance

Hornady DGX Bullet Performance

I’ve been one of the people who are quite skeptical of some Hornady bullets, especially their old style DGX. But I just went digging in the soil behind the backstop at my shooting range and found these bullets that I fired from my .450-400 3” They passed through a plywood target holder, then a couple meters of wet snow, then hit the soft ground. Not a very scientific observation, but encouraging.
The two with cannelure grooves closer to the base are Woodleigh weldcore. The other two are Hornady DGX bonded. They seem quite comparable.
Last year I shot some of the old original style DGX bullets under the same conditions and they either expanded erratically or split and ejected their lead core. Perhaps Hornady got it right with this Bonded design.

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