Hopkins & Allen 16ga Shotgun

Hopkins & Allen 16ga Shotgun

I agree and have similar tastes and experiences. I've owned and/or shot all manner of pumps, semi autos and O/Us. Still the S/S with two triggers has been my favorite. The best upland shooting I ever did was with a S/S 16 ga two trigger. Nothing fancy nor expensive. Just pure instinctive shooting with a cheap Plain Jane gun.

I found my first shotgun when I was 9- literally. An old hammer break 16 ga. probably ca late 1890s-early 1910s. Learned to shoot with it. So the transition to a two trigger S/S was simple. The best long range waterfowl/large upland bird pass shooting I ever did, back in the day and for non-sporting, non-hunting reasons, was with a full choke, 3" 12 ga pump using factory Federal Premium, copper plated, buffered BBs. That gun shot well and seemed to point/track well but still not at all my favorite. Never could afford a fine European or Winchester S/S.

Pic is the foundling 16 ga
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