Honey Badger

The rest of the Story.... As the Tall Tale around here says..... If you can get the business end of a badger occupied with a shirt or jacket you can just scoop them up like a kitten….. Well you know I had to try, and having 3 of my kids along on an antelope hunt last week seemed like the perfect opportunity. Round one had us chasing a very large badger across the prairie and let me tell you what…. There is no way on earth you can pull a badger out of a hole by the tail. Round two found myself and 3 kids in hot pursuit of another much smaller badger. If you could see the looks on my kids faces. The oldest boy, filming and thinking dad is pretty cool, the youngest boy whooping it up having the time of his life and the daughter wondering what on earth was going on and not sure she wanted any part of it. As you can see we caught up, the youngest threw in the literal towel and while this badger did his best to disembowel the distraction, I scooped up one very pissed off, very strong little badger. About this time I’m thinking, “I’m sure glad we didn’t catch that big one” and “now what?” It took about all I had to keep ahold of him and after a few pictures even the kids were saying “now what?” I guess I didn’t read that part of the instruction manual. About that point in the conversation that little bag of hate twisted free, landed like a cat on all fours, facing us and……the look that stinking badger had on his face was pure evil, and I wondered for a minute if he was going to run away, or rip into one of my kids. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re running away. “Come on kids, Catch Up.”

Honey Badger
hnterfl, Aug 29, 2018

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