Hand-load Bullets

Hand-load Bullets

I’m not completely sure yet. It was a handload from the seller. On the die card, his notes mentioned 400 gr nosler with 101 grains of rl 22. However, there was a spire point in a few loads and round nose in the majority. Attached pic is both rounds, but the recovered bullet is of the round nose type. I’m thinking maybe a partition, but I could be completely wrong. BnC 04 on here is who I bought the rifle from. (It was his Dad’s) BnC 04 also mentioned interbonds. If you can tell me the difference from the pics, please do because I’m also interested. I’m still waiting to hear back on load data.
I didn't see it written but I'm guessing the bullets are .416". The pointed one looks like the Nosler. The round nose appears to be a Hornady. If you have means to separate the cartridges into components you'd be able to tell for sure.

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