Gold tip 7595 XT Hunters with Ironwill v100’s

Gold tip 7595 XT Hunters with Ironwill v100’s

So now the only problem is we have a year to wait.... my wishlist for PawPrint is a little weird maybe as I’ve taken a lot of the plains game animals on the previous trips. I want to target bushbuck, duiker, mountain Reedbuck, springbuck, zebra, caracal and giraffe. When we move to Dries it will be buffalo and sable. Hopefully the twins will get excited and want to shoot something with the crossbow. They have never shot any type of weapon much less hunted but we will see how things develop. The wife shot some animals with the bow in 2009 but is having some shoulder issues so she might use the crossbow also. After quite a bit of research I decide to go with Easton FMJ dangerous game arrows tipped with Ironwill buff 250 broadheads. They weigh in right around 900 grains. I’ll use these for the giraffe and buffalo. I’ll be using just one bow for both plains game and the buffalo/ giraffe. A Matthews Helim at 70#. I have a black gold one pin adjustable sight. For my plains game arrows I’ll be using gold tip 7595 XT hunters with Ironwill v100’s. I start practicing immediately and work on adjusting pins and shooting both arrows. The FMJ’s are so heavy at 20 yards I have to adjust to 40. 30 yards equals 55 and 40 yards equals 70. I’m really not comfortable past 40 yards with these heavy arrows so that’s going to be my limit. Might sound confusing but really shouldn’t be an issue as we are going to be concentrating on giraffe and buffalo at certain times so it’s not like I’m constantly switching arrows.
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