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G'day Major Khan,

There are very few stories on the hunting of Gaur, and I always look forward to viewing any that I find, even if it is not hunting related. I have read that they are extremely dangerous and fearless, maybe even more so than buffalo, which is scary, especially in the scrub. Do you have any interesting stories.

By the way, I love your photo, well done.

Dear Rob ,
Thank you so much for your kind words .
I have actually written several stories ... featuring gaur bison , on African Hunting Forums . I myself have personally hunted 15 of these brutes .

Here are the titles to all of the articles :
> " The Art Of Hunting The Mighty Gaur : A Comprehensive Guide "
> " The Resilience Of A Gaur "
> " The Gaur Which Ended A Shikar Career "

I would highly recommend that you read them in chronological order .

Another article , written by myself which also features gaur bison ( partially ) is :
> " Following Up Wounded Game : A Professional Shikaree's Most Loathed Task " .

I certainly hope that you shall deem them enjoyable. All the best .

Yours sincerely ,

Major Poton Khan ( Retired )
Thank you Major Khan

I am excited, and look forward to searching the archives for your articles, this site has a wealth of talent, great adventures, and extremely informative articles. I just don't understand why I didn't become a member sooner.



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