Fly's Eye Shooting Stick from African Sporting Creations
African Sporting Creations

Fly's Eye Shooting Stick from African Sporting Creations

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Engineered to Deliver
The new Fly’s Eye® Bipod is engineered to deliver unmatched support with twice as many points of contact as traditional shooting sticks. The innovative pivoting head clamps onto the top sectio

No expense was spared to build the best product possible.
The pivot head utilizes an investment-grade aluminum casting sleeved with an indestructible polymer that fully encases the stainless steel pivot ball. The rear support arm can open up to 30 degrees and this creates a 20” span between the two points of contact. That length is ideal for double rifles, single shots and bolt actions.
Two different versions of this pivot head were prototyped for extensive testing before we perfected it and filed our patent.
The new one-piece suede leather top slides over the front wooden posts and is designed to work with double rifles, bolt actions and single shots. This new top does not lock the forend rigidly in place, so by shifting where your forend is in them, you can move the point of impact approximately 25’ at 50 yards to follow moving game. When you fold the sticks up to walk with them the leather top is securely held in place by the scissoring action of the wooden tops
If you do not have the extra few seconds to deploy the rear support arm, or are taking a close shot and do not need it, you can use them as a traditional bipod.
When we tighten the larger screw on the pivot arm, it constricts the aluminum sleeve and the indestructible polymer that lines it to secure it to the top section of our two-piece connector. You do not need to adjust it and that one screw alone is enough to secure the pivot arm. However, we always like to over-engineer our products so In order to provide additional security, we have added a smaller black set screw that is sealed in place with Loctite® at the factory.
The rear support arm “V” is designed to go behind the pistol grip of the rifle. Do not put it directly behind the trigger guard as they are not designed to be used from that position.
When in use, the spread between the bottom legs on the ground is 3’-4’ depending on whether you are on the shorter or taller end of the height distribution for the size you purchase. This spread is required to allow the rear support arm “V” to spread out far enough to securely hold the rifle stock behind the pistol grip.
We orient the support arm differently for left and right handed shooters; please ensure you select your preference when placing your order.
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