Fishing Tigerfish in Zimbabwe
Kevin Peacocke

Fishing Tigerfish in Zimbabwe

Pound for pound they are probably every bit as energetic as their feline namesake, and once you have experienced a tiger on the end of your line leaping far into the air life will never be the same. Widely acknowledged as one of the finest fresh water game fish, tiger are vicious predators that rank highly for their magnificent fight. Several safari operators combine tiger fishing along with their buffalo hunt specials, and with a small stretch that can be expanded into the most challenging McNab that the planet has to offer - a buffalo bull, a guineafowl and a tiger, all in 24 hours. That puts paid to any anticlimax after you put your buff in the salt, the clock begins to tick!
For those avid anglers who catch the bug, Zimbabwe hosts an annual tiger fishing tournament at Lake Kariba. We fish this event every year and it is the highlight of our sporting calendar. So come on AH'ers, pit your skills against scales and teeth as well as those curly horns- great fun.
Tiger fish is all African king of fish tough, sleek and a fighter. I shall be at the tiger fishing tournament this year mid November ...see you there we can catch up over a cool chibuli by the mopani fire. How I love the smell of mopani wood smoke.

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