Fine old 1928 proofed Kurz Mauser built by Greif for Otto Bock, restored by Dorleac
Brian Rothhammer

Fine old 1928 proofed Kurz Mauser built by Greif for Otto Bock, restored by Dorleac

That rifle was built on an original Mauser "Kurz" action SN-94996 and proofed March 1928.
Even if it bears the signature of Otto Bock, it appears that Greif in Suhl made it for the then prestigious Berlin firm.
The K action, with spoon handle bolt lever and double set trigger, is fitted with a superb Böhler Antinit steel 24" slightly heavy barrel, chambered for the Europe's newly introduced 250-3000 Savage cartridge.
Initially a Zielvier 4x Zeiss was fitted in handmade inverted claw mounts before a Zielseichs 6x scope replaced it circa 1937. To ease the use of the scoped rifle, a Greener safety, on the left side, blocks the sear.
Even if the traditional Suhler engraving is not up to the overall outstanding quality of the rifle, the whole assembly is top notch.
When that rifle was completely dismantled for a full restoration, we noticed how great attention has been given to details in its making, with perfect inletting, great care in barrel fitting and outstanding hand made scope mounts.
It took a full year of spare time work to return the Otto Bock 250-3000 to its past glory and it was a challenging adventure to retain even the thinnest of all the original parts.
Happily, thank to the Antinit steel, the barrel was as new, the chamber on the tight side and with the newly overhauled great Zeiss optic and good handloads, the rifle prints now ragged holes.
…my English is not as good as that little beauty, but I hope you will find that story interesting !
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