Eyelids of the morning Book Peter Beard

Eyelids of the morning Book Peter Beard

After hearing the horror stories of the odd croc waking up after death, well, it makes Peter Beards pictures even more heroic. In the book that he co-wrote called 'Eyelids of the morning' I am guessing that it was the author who posed half inside a crocodile. Yes, it is a spectacular picture, I just love his unusual photography. He has great images in his books. He and a few colleagues spent a lot of time hunting crocs in Kenyas Lake Rudolf in the Northern Frontier. I have read 2 x books about croc hunters who successfully hunted crocs by approaching them from in the water, one hunter in Rhodesia, and Peter Beards crew being the other. A total death wish, but extremely effective on touchy crocs whom flee to the safety of water upon the slightest sight of humans.
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