Elk Bow Hunting Wyoming USA

Wyoming Archery Elk Hunt 2018 At 9:30, Cody, Mark, Sam, Derek and I, and two mules, rode out of camp. We were soon back to the spot we had marked on the logging road and proceeded to take the entire caravan into the timber. Being grizzly country after all, the more commotion we made the better. Even with GPS coordinates, it took us a few minutes to locate the bull in the dark. I'd been lugging a dslr camera in my pack all week for just such a moment, and I handed it to Derek to get some shots before we started to take the bull apart. Unfortunately, I didn't tell him, and he didn't realize, that the camera did not auto focus. I also failed to check his work before stowing the camera away, and only later realized every photo was blurry, almost beyond recognition. With some serious editing, I was able to partially salvage one.

Elk Bow Hunting Wyoming USA
WMU05, May 14, 2019

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