Elephant tusks

Elephant tusks

Murchison Falls National Park Lodge circa 1960's. Sorry for the poor quality. Kodachrome doesn't give you the nice bright colors after 50 years. I believe they were around 150 lbs. Not sure if they survived Idi Amin and others.
Uganda was once the pearl of Africa.
Amin was killing eight years complete tribes and people and threw his land back to the Stone Age.
400' ,500' or 600' humans-countless.
Murchison Falls was his special crocfactory, feeded by the poor victims .
And who cares today in Africa ? Not only one.
But they remember ,that the German-Shepherd of my grandfather was barking at Kaiser Wilhelm time some people there and Im a bloody Nazi until today :unsure:

Murchison Falls is a beautiful area. As is all of Uganda. Amin set the country way back.

You mention German Shepherd. In British East Africa in my youth, they were not called German Shepherd's. They were called Alsatians. After the wars, the British didn't want to acknowledge anything German.
vae victis:whistle:
Wheels ,my letter to Arino came back ( after more as 3 month !! )
I've got the adress from a hunting -journalist,but
Any ideas ?
Unknown if he is alive? Or

Unknown if the address is good?

If you have his address I will be happy to write him or you can too if you want.
Wrong adress ,I think.
I have no other one and was looking on google maps now.
Dont belive he does live in this house.
Try your best.
Not sure if I have any other ideas. I am pretty swamped with work as well. Maybe when things slow down, a workable idea might arise.

Thanks for trying.

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