Elephant Hunt

Elephant Hunt
Hoas, Dec 6, 2019

    • Foxi
      Great photo from old times.Looks like thornbush area of kenya .
      The lady is allowed to come to her border with the heavy double rifle.
      Does anyone know more about this pic?
    • Rick Cox
      @Foxi What do you mean when you say: " The lady is allowed to come to her border with the heavy double rifle"?
    • Foxi
      i don't think the lady chased and shot the elephant. The gun is much to heavy for this delicate person, and i don't think she stalked through the bush in these shoes either :)
      Just my feeling when looking at this photo
    • Rick Cox
      Her shoes are no different than the PH's. Maybe she had a gun bearer and shot off sticks. Or maybe she's just tough.
      Believe it or not, I've known a few tough, no let me rephrase, quite a few tough women. I knew a woman years ago who was running her trap line and came across a big grizzly running it too. It approached her quickly and reared up. She shot it through the roof of its mouth when it roared from a few feet away. With a single shot .22.
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    Dec 6, 2019
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