Elephant Hunt in Kalahari South Africa

Elephant Hunt in Kalahari South Africa

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I shot my bull in the Kalahari thorn scrub. One day we tracked that bull for 25 km. Two days later we were on him again and closed the deal after a 12 km jog/walk. One thing I learned snaking through that thorn scrub, less is more. No scope, no sling, no pack. We were shooting inside 20 yards.
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This is a very nice elephant. Bull, I assume? I never hunted them and do not have experience judging the ivory. What length and weight on this one?
I am watching to see what Botswana is going to do. This may bring some opportunities that I might be able to afford. Another option that I am looking for is tuskless cow... A 2020 project...
Congratulations on a wonderful trophy.

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