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Eland Hunt with KMG Hunting Safaris

Eland Hunt with KMG Hunting Safaris -Warning- Impact Shot After following this bull into some pretty flat ground with thick vegetation, we were left to try and stalk in real close by means of having someone on a high point guide us in by means of radio. From the vantage point, almost 3/4 of a mile away, we were slowly instructed, step by step to get to our quarry. As luck would have it, the wind turned, and the herd gathered our scent. The difficult part was that there were two bulls in this herd of cows, and not too far apart on trophy quality. We wanted the oldest bull. The herd spooked, and we watched them running away, what seemed like days, only leaving a dust cloud in their wake. After climbing to another vantage point, we recognised their direction, and realised that we could get ahead of them and possibly approach them from above. We watched as the herd became peaceful again, standing under a few trees in some thickets. We made the move, and came over the top of them, or at least where we thought they should be. The value of local knowledge soon paid off, as individual animals started showing themselves below us.

KMG Hunting Safaris, Jul 3, 2019
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