Double Rifle Range Shots

Double rifle shooting - good or not at 50 meters? Is that good or not? 50 m with a three leg stick,500 gn and 480 gn bullets, .458 Win. Mag. I admire AH members very much, the excellent shots from double rifles in caliber .400 up supply. It's not quite so given to me. The following. I once bought a double rifle,over and under,used . Franz Sodia, Ferlach, Austria, in cal. .458 Win Mag. One day I will hunt buffallo with it(open sight I thought) . Now it is in such a way, that I do not bring all this any more with my eyes together. Therefore a red dot sight came on it. It is a Burris Fast Fire III For security reasons, I deliberately didn't want a scope (few minutes before I was in, a marksman came from the stand, with a heavy,bloody cut between his eyes,given by his scope and a .404 :unsure: ). Unfortunately the dimmed light spot is frayed and not sharply cut. So I can't clearly see the desired target point and have to guess a bit. Is the result satisfactory or not? I ran out of ammo to start a new lap. Does anyone have similar experiences with the Burris Fast Fire ? By the way, at the lower barrel the CCI 250 primer does not ignite from time to time. The normal one (no Magnum) does.

Double Rifle Range Shots
Foxi, Sep 12, 2019

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