Desert Iron Wood Knife handle

Desert Iron Wood Knife handle

One of the most beautiful one I have worked with :
Desert Iron Wood from .... Arizona
@Rick Cox always a pleasure to meet people who like what we are doing when making knifes...I am currently busy building my second knife belt grinder, 2" inch x 72" using a 2hp machine..single phase..
I have a 3 ph 1.5 KW / 2 HP motor (1400rpm) with a variable speed unit and geared for 3000 sfpm if I remember correctly. I have a belt drive from a 6 inch motor pulley to a 4 inch pulley on the shaft with 5 inch drive wheel. It is very efficient
Rick, the type of grain of the belt is more important than the speed of the grinder..too fast is not always the best way to go..especially if you work dense wood types , make sure you use water while sanding the dense wood , it is not burning the wood surface at all...
Thanks for the kind words ! Working wood too fast is not the best way to make a good job ;)
An otherone I made lately for a friend :
[URL=] [/URL]
You USA based members really are lucky to get such beautiful damascus steel, this is just not possible to get in SA, beautiful knife Sir(y)(y)(y)

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