CZ550 Rifle in .500 Jeffery With Dies, Brass, Bullets

CZ550 Rifle in .500 Jeffery With Dies, Brass, Bullets

Gently used CZ550 in .500 Jeffery from the CZ Custom shop (Triple River Gunsmithing).
Glass Bedded, Mercury recoil reducer, CZ Classic branded Decelerator pad.
Includes RCBS dies, Lee Factory Crimp Die, 3 rounds of Kynoch 535 grain solids ( the other 2 hurt).

Included 30+ Cast Performance 435 grains LBT solids, 22 HDS head stamped, once fired brass from Superior Cartridge ammo, 15, Norma 1X fired brass, and 22 Woodleigh 570 grain softs, and 3 dummy rounds.

I loaded this rifle to .500 NE ballistics, 570 grain at 2150 (estimate) with 95 grains Varget.
Shoots to the sights at 50 yards. I fired this rifle around 25 times. Consistent 4# trigger pull.

Balances right at the front magazine screw, weighs 10.5 pounds. Action is still a bit rough. I've had feeding issues with the second round ( off the left rail), when cycling the bolt from my shoulder, probably my gangly 160 pounds skinny frame.
Rifle has various handling marks, some scratches on the matte blue, and some scrapes in the stock on right side near the ejection port.
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