CZ550 375H&H with AHR #2 Upgrade

Balance point is at the middle of the magazine.

CZ550 375H&H with AHR #2 Upgrade
BeeMaa, Sep 7, 2018
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    • PARA45
      Wow, well done, beautiful rifle!
    • Luvthunt
      How long in shop. Is it a 22” barrel. Whose stock?

      Luv IT!!
    • BeeMaa
      Appreciate it guys.
      The stock is the original from CZ, just reworked by AHR.
      Yes, barrel is now 22" and it is balancing on it's own at the magazine in this picture.
    • BeeMaa
      Forgot to mention this...took Wayne at AHR about a month not including shipping.
      Shipping (UPS Ground) is about a week each way for me, from VA to MT.
      Sent it off at the end of July and just got it back on 7 September.
      He told me that Summer is his "not so busy season" and turn around time is quickest.
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    Sep 7, 2018
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