CZ in .458WM

CZ in .458WM

Here's a pic of one of my CZ's that I used to own that I gave the custom touch...

It's in .458WM and had the following done;

barrel shortened to 21"
cross-bolts fitted
barrel-band sling swivel fitted
fore-end shortened and buffalo horn tip fitted
feeding sorted out

It was a nice rifle - and accurate too. And I loved the magazine capacity :)
I used to load the .458WM rounds to Lott length (due to the mag length) and I got a nice, easy, un-stressed 2150fps with the 500gn Woodleigh PP.
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Beautiful rifle! I’m going to try and extend out the Barnes 450 and 500gr bullets in the WM case and see what happens in my CZ? When I loaded 350 Speer Mag tips, I was apprehensive about how short the coal was compared to the factory 500gr coal? But, they shot great. I really like the ability with the WM to load a long or short cartridge ?
You had it sorted and sold it, crazy. I only have the one big bore and need to give it some more use.
@CBH Australia

Yeah, I know... that rifle should've been a keeper...

But in my defence I only sold it because a Winchester M70 in .458 came up for sale and I just LOVE M70's! This particular M70 had a bit of a backstory in that it had a few problems before I bought it - but they all got sorted and it was a FANTASTIC rifle. In a moment of utter, utter madness I sold that rifle too...

I regret selling that rifle every day - and as much as I like my new Zastava .458 that I recently built up, I'd trade it for a Win M70 .458 in a SECOND!
I haven’t handed an M70 but I know they are are renowned for what they are.

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