CZ in .458WM

CZ in .458WM

Here's a pic of one of my CZ's that I used to own that I gave the custom touch...

It's in .458WM and had the following done;

barrel shortened to 21"
cross-bolts fitted
barrel-band sling swivel fitted
fore-end shortened and buffalo horn tip fitted
feeding sorted out

It was a nice rifle - and accurate too. And I loved the magazine capacity :)
I used to load the .458WM rounds to Lott length (due to the mag length) and I got a nice, easy, un-stressed 2150fps with the 500gn Woodleigh PP.
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Beautiful rifle! I’m going to try and extend out the Barnes 450 and 500gr bullets in the WM case and see what happens in my CZ? When I loaded 350 Speer Mag tips, I was apprehensive about how short the coal was compared to the factory 500gr coal? But, they shot great. I really like the ability with the WM to load a long or short cartridge ?
You had it sorted and sold it, crazy. I only have the one big bore and need to give it some more use.

Definitely load long in the CZ mate. If you've got the mag length you might as well use it! On the Accurate Reloading forum there is a thread on the .458WM that is like 150 or so pages long and there is HEAPS of info on loading the WM both short and long. Those guys are die-hard .458 fans and I definitely recommend you check it out (y)
@CBH Australia

Yeah, I know... that rifle should've been a keeper...

But in my defence I only sold it because a Winchester M70 in .458 came up for sale and I just LOVE M70's! This particular M70 had a bit of a backstory in that it had a few problems before I bought it - but they all got sorted and it was a FANTASTIC rifle. In a moment of utter, utter madness I sold that rifle too...

I regret selling that rifle every day - and as much as I like my new Zastava .458 that I recently built up, I'd trade it for a Win M70 .458 in a SECOND!
I haven’t handed an M70 but I know they are are renowned for what they are.

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