CZ 550 rechambered to .458 Lott from WM with .458

o against all rational reasoning, I bought a CZ 550 rechambered to .458 Lott from WM with .458 Lott stamped on the barrel above the WM. I already have a CZ WM. This CZ is in great shape, but doesn’t have crossbolts so maybe it’s an earlier model? Anyway, having never shot a Lott before I took it to the range today. Having heard recoil horror stories here on AH about the Lott cartridge I was somewhat apprehensive regarding the recoil. I thought when I pulled the trigger, the sky would darken and surely the stock would split into two pieces! To my surprise and relief, shooting the Lott factory Nosler 500gr. Partitions had no more felt recoil to ME than the factory Barnes 450gr. TSXs out of the WM. I’ve never even shot 500gr. out of the WM. My only complaint is a feeding issue with the Lott cartridges. Seems the Lott rim isn’t sliding into the bolt face completely every time before the cartridge can enter the chamber. The cartridge gets jammed to the side of the chamber? Doesn’t seem to happen with the WM cartridges? Maybe it needs a stiffer magazine follower spring? Don’t know, but it’s fun to shoot!

CZ 550 rechambered to .458 Lott from WM with .458
CoElkHunter, Mar 26, 2020

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