Cogswell & Harrison scope bases & mounts

Cogswell & Harrison scope bases & mounts

Break out your thinking caps chaps...

My dad recently bought a Cogswell & Harrison 458WM on which he would like to mount a red dot scope.
The scope is an older 30mm tube and has rings, but I am open to buying him new rings if needed
The question is what kind of bases, or bases and rings do I buy for him.

Heading to a gunsmith is not an option due to where we are.

I am flying down to RSA this week and I can have a look down there, but before I do, I thought best to see what the vast knowledge base on here has to say.

At some stage, the previous owner marked the receiver for what I assume were scope bases, unfortunately the markings are a few mm off center.

I have attached a few pics of the action here, let me know if anyone has any ideas and options that I can look at.
I used the vernier to try get an idea of the dimensions in case anyone was curious.
Hi, Looks like a nice rifle. It looks like your in Zambia? I am on the other side of the river. I know it might be more than what you want to do, but we are really sold on the trijicon mini reflex side. Although I have one of the new Kahles reflex sights on order. It will mount on a quick release base that you may be able to get at Safari Outdoors. You should be able to get the mount with QR mts. The who little dinky thing will mount on the front of the action and not interfere with loading or unloading your rifle. Of course this is going to mean drilling the front of the receiver, be sure to get someone who can do it correctly.
I went in to see the gunsmiths at S & O when i was in Pretoria last week. They helped me find the right bases and rings. Only issue is my Dad asked for 30mm rings and the red dot he has needs 34mm rings... so i will have to find a way to send the rings back to S&O and hope for an exchange.
The front mount overhangs so i will cut that back to fit better.
Hopefully the scope, new peregrines and my old man will be hunting buff later this year with me... :D

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