Cocking piece mounted ghost ring on my 404 Jeffery Rifle
Uwe Jaspersen

Cocking piece mounted ghost ring on my 404 Jeffery Rifle

I have a cocking piece mounted ghost ring on my 404 J - different design, but the principle is the same
That rear facing little screw right below the aperture - loosen that screw slightly and then roll or slide the aperture to the right (I can see that it is currently all the way to the left, which would would make your rifle shoot right). My guess is a little to the right of center would be good starting point. Adjust as needed once sighting in the rifle. One suggestion - don’t bother with targets, a straight dead vertical line at 20 yards is perfect - remember you are now only worried about the wind age accuracy, so make sure you see the line sharp and crisp.
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Please upload a few more photos of your ghost ring, it is an item I love to make , made one for my .375 H&H Magnum and repurposed my .458 Mannlicher Schoenauer...
Gert, what detail are you interested in? I will take detail shots of what you want. The sight is retractable to allow for a scope. Simple press of a button on the side lets it slide up or down

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