CMP Special Service Grade M1 Garand Rifle

CMP Special Service Grade M1 Garand Rifle

CMP Special Service Grade M1 Garand. This is NOT the traditional Special Grade with a new Criterion barrel, it is a USGI receiver, barrel, and parts graded at Service Grade by the CMP with a new walnut stock and handgrip with CMP cartouches. ME:2 TE:2. Harrington and Richards receiver SE# 4795832. The rifle looks gorgeous and shoots very well, running right around 2MOA. Although you can get CMP Special Garands, I don’t believe there will be more with USGI service grade parts. (My guess)

Also included are the CMP hard case, and two sealed cans of Greek M2 HXP ball ammo in bandoliers and stripper clips totaling 384 rounds, and 4 1/2 loose bandoliers of ammo. This ammunition is running about 200/can if you can find it. There will be no more. I will also toss in an additional 9 enbloc clips for future use.
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