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Croc hunt

Croc hunt

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Top 10 Hippo Hunt

Top 10 Hippo Hunt

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  • Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt
    yeah-they talk about that (perhaps i'll rig up the old VHS and take another look!) I think they say 80 lb and they show him selecting the...
  • Smith& Wesson 38 Special Revolver Range Shots
    Great shooting!
  • Conde de Yebes
    Guess Angola is the place to go. Look at the girth of the horn compared to his hand.
  • Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt
    I'm not an archer, but it seems to me an amazing feat to take a Cape Buffalo with a standard recurve bow? It doesn't look long enough for a...
  • .404 Jeffery Rifle
    AHR Dangerous Game Rifle, chambered in .404 Jeffrey.