Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt

Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt

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Greetings: I have old VHS video copies of Fred Bear's TV show featuring his bowhunts all over the world. This one, I believe, is his cape buffalo hunt with famed ivory hunter Wally Johnson PH in what is now Mozambique (I think they called it Portuguese E. Africa back then?)
I'm not an archer, but it seems to me an amazing feat to take a Cape Buffalo with a standard recurve bow? It doesn't look long enough for a longbow? I've had a few bows (one 60lb recurve and a '70s two pulley Ben Pearson compound bow) but to hold the string back on a heavy recurve bow for any length of time, is something else!
yeah-they talk about that (perhaps i'll rig up the old VHS and take another look!) I think they say 80 lb and they show him selecting the heaviest shafts and hand-sharpening his bear razorheads (possibly excluding the slide in secondary blade for buff.)

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