Serbian Hunter

Bullet Performance

Punch bullets are great but since I couldn't import them I was forced to develop my own solution. I made my bullets on lathe (my friend draw and made them for me but according to my idea and inputs) My project task was: - Keep OAL on max 65.2mm in order to secure flawless cycling - Maximize velocity but stay on 40.000PSI level - Min bullet weight 400grs Due to relatively low capacity of .45-70 case, I was forced to stay on as short bullet as possible so - stayed away from solids. Hard cast was one of the options but sometime lacking consistency. WFN is a shape which offers good penetration. Result: Copper bullet, hollowed base filled with soft lead made on lathe. In order to give some extra velocity put 7 driving bands. My calculations said that driving bands gave me add 30m/s on the same pressure level. Tested in 6L water jugs (6"x6" base) and bullet went through all 10 jugs I had in line (m=400grs, V=560ms)

Bullet Performance
Serbian Hunter, Jan 6, 2020

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