Bullet Performance of 180 gr Nosler Accubond

180 gr Nosler Accubond @2980 f/s from a 300 Win Mag. Cape Eland bull. Broadside shot at 187 meters. Both lungs and heart. Bullet found trapped under the skin

Bullet Performance of 180 gr Nosler Accubond
Alchemist, Jul 2, 2018

    • WAB
      Interesting, it looks like a fair bit of the core is missing. Any idea of the retained weight? I swore off accubonds when I lived in Alaska. On two separate occasions they passed through black bear with absolutely no expansion (.30 cal exit wounds) on perfect broadside high heart shots. The rifle was a .30-06, and if I remember correctly they were 180 gr. bullets. I swore never to use them again. This looks like much better performance. I wonder if Nosler has improved the design?
    • Alchemist
      @WAB we killed 4 x Cape Eland, 4 x Gemsbuck, 3 x blesbuck, 1 x warthog on this trip. All 180 gr Nosler AB from my 300 WM or 30-06. No failures. Earlier this year 2 x Bluewildebees and 2 impala using the same combination of bullets and rifles. All one shot kills throgh the lung / heart Some frontal and some broadside. Not one failure.
      I recovered two bullets on this trip. Both expanded as expected.
    • WAB
      @Alchemist good to hear. As I said, I had two perform like solids on black bear when I lived in AK. Both well placed shots. Others in AK had similar stories. That was shortly after the bullet came out and a number of us got excited and tried it. My guess is they recognized and corrected the problem. By the way, well done on the hunt!
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