Hoss Delgado

BRNO Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun

I was in the UK this August shooting grouse during the Glorious 12th. One day while Skyping with my Wife , l lamented to her how l wish l had a double barrel shotgun with more open chokes. Being married for 16 years , she knows l prefer over unders to side by sides. So she casually asked me what kind of over under l liked. I said any kind with chokes more open than full chokes would do , as long as it wasn't a full cylinder , and l would really like one with double triggers , since l find over unders with double triggers rare. It was my 40th Birthday on the 25th of August. When l came home last week , l saw what she got me for my birthday . It was a neatly packaged thing . Looking at it immediately , l realized it was a gun :D . I cut open the packaging and Lo and Behold : A magnificent BRNO Over Under 12 gauge shotgun ! It had 2 3/4 inch Chambers . My loving wife had a gunsmith ream out the full chokes to modified choke . It had double triggers ! :D . I spent yesterday patterning this beauty. It fires 12 gauge Brenekke 2 3/4 inch Magnum slugs accurately up to 27 yards and handles like a charm. I tried all manner of shot through it. It seems to me that l can't get good patterns using 00 and 000 buckshot , but with Number 4 Buckshot , it works like a charm ! To me this is no handicap and l couldn't be happier. I never expected she would actually get me this. Inspired by fellow forum Member and resident PH , IvW , l have finally found the basis for my own " Poor Man's Double " ! It's accompanying me to Sweden next Month for my annual Roe Deer hunt with #1 shot. I'm also taking it to Botswana for 2020 with my .375 HH Magnum BRNO ZKK - 602 for a mixed bag hunt. I am one lucky husband . This is now the third shotgun in my battery and my fourth BRNO fire arm. PS : I got one more gun as a gift as well ;) Pics of that will follow in another post next week.

BRNO Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun
Hoss Delgado, Sep 6, 2019

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