British Double Barreled Rifles
Major Khan

British Double Barreled Rifles

l have provided a photograph taken by myself at the Maharashtra police station in March of 1972 , of a vast quantity of British double barreled rifles confiscated from the homes of local Land Lords ( or " Zamindaars" as we would call them ) by the Maharashtra police after the passing of the Wild Life Protection Act in 1972 , when all Indian Police began to systematically confiscate all imported fire arms from Indian civilians . All the fine rifles pictured ( and virtually all other imported fire arms ) were sadly turned to scrap metal ( However , l suspect that a great number were sold in shady deals under the table to rich rich foreigners ) . Fortunately for me , my beloved 12 calibre Belgian shot gun was already safe at my new home in Bangladesh and l had only returned to India to resolve some unfinished business
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